• Artist

    Internationally renowned sculptor Kue King creates his works utilizing wire as his primary medium. Drawing his inspiration from both abstract and formal elements of nature, King frequently incorporates feathers, precious stones, found artifacts and other objects from nature in his work. Spanning the gamut of sizes, his works range from delicate wearable art to large-scale …

  • Abstract

    King transubstantiates wire by bundling, tying, and separating. He assembles shape, shadow, and color into the transcendent. From his remote studio on the coast of Ecuador, Kue brings his new collection to fine art galleries and design showrooms all over the world. King credits the legacy of Ruth Asawa in helping form this groundbreaking new …

  • Wearable

    King’s wiresmith methods produce wearable art that wraps you with a magnetic appreciation for old world craftsmanship. Each piece is one of a kind, infused with spirit by the artist and his collaboration with earth elements of stone and metal.

  • Biomorphic

    King’s Metal and Feather tree sculptures are an experience of ephemeral beauty made tangible. Painstaking craftsmanship and days of labor make a sculpture both strong and delicate, a balance of natural and produced materials woven together in a finely honed process fueled by the magic of lived experience.